Do you need to drain the first broth when cooking soup: the answer will surprise you

Maria Tsikhotska

Do you need to drain the first broth when cooking soup: the answer will surprise you
Opinions on the need to drain the first broth when cooking meat (chicken or any other) differ

Opinions on the need to drain the first broth when cooking meat (chicken or any other) differ. Some argue that this loses the richness of the dish, since the first portion of the liquid contains many flavor-forming substances.

Others are frightened by the presence of white foam, which can look unappetizing and begins to form immediately after the water boils. That is why many housewives drain the first broth. TSN writes about this.

However, experts say that foam is a coagulated protein. To avoid it, it is advised to dip the meat in already boiling water. Then the protein will coagulate immediately inside the meat.

Another way is to add a whole or half onion to the broth shortly before boiling. Then all the protein will stick to it, and the vegetable itself will enrich the dish with flavor. After cooking, you can simply remove the onion.

When to drain the first broth: advice from doctors

Nutritionists have a slightly different approach to this issue. They believe that if you are preparing broth from store-bought chicken, it is imperative to drain the first portion of the liquid. This way you can get rid of most fats, purines, antibiotics, nitrates, and radionuclides.

If the chicken is homemade, you don't have to drain the first batch unless you're cooking soup for the elderly or children, in which case it's better to drain the first broth to make it digest better.

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Who receive the most benefits from chicken broth

Chicken broth itself is very nutritious for our body. It helps:

  • Maintain the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. It contains a lot of potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are necessary for the cardiovascular system. It also contains collagen, which strengthens blood vessels. It is better to cook the broth with white meat without skin.
  • Nourish bone tissue as it is considered a natural remedy for bone fragility. Meat contains minerals that strengthen bones, teeth, and nails.
  • Relieve hangover symptoms due to its protein and fat content. Stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, helping to compensate for dehydration and eliminate alcohol breakdown products faster.
  • Improve well-being at the early stage of acute respiratory viral infections.
  • Maintain youthfulness and beauty thanks to minerals, vitamins and collagen. Improves the condition of hair, skin, joints.
  • Facilitates stomach function, in particular, reduces acidity. It is recommended for heartburn, peptic ulcer, and gastritis.

Chicken broth is also useful for those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, smoke or work in hazardous industries.

Why is the first broth harmful?

People with stomach, pancreas, and gallbladder problems should definitely drain the first broth. Broth dishes should not be eaten if you have an individual intolerance to certain spices. It can also cause allergic reactions.

Broth is contraindicated for people with gout and urolithiasis as the accumulation of salts in the body will increase.

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