Poor quality and shallow sleep: how to overcome the problem

Diana Bondarenko

Poor quality and shallow sleep: how to overcome the problem

Insomnia is a common disease characterized by difficulty falling asleep, getting quality sleep, and, as a result, the normal functioning of the body during the day. However, there are ways to improve sleep.

This was reported by Useti.org. It was noted that sometimes insomnia can be a symptom of a more serious illness, such as brain disease, atherosclerosis, mental or traumatic brain injury.

In addition, prolonged insomnia can lead to serious health problems, including

  • cardiac diseases (arterial hypertension and heart failure)
  • nervous diseases (depression and anxiety);
  • metabolic diseases (diabetes and obesity);
  • problems with memory and concentration;
  • decreased working capacity.

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However, this can be fixed with simple actions. Therefore, to improve your sleep, you need to

  • create a regular sleep schedule;
  • create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom;
  • stop drinking caffeine and alcohol before bed;
  • exercise regularly, including walking in the fresh air before going to bed;
  • get rid of bad habits and minimize stressful situations;
  • drink warm milk with honey before going to bed;
  • take a bath with sea salt or valerian;
  • put a small bag of dried lavender next to the bed;
  • create a calming atmosphere, such as taking a warm bath or reading a book.

We have already mentioned that sometimes it can be difficult to fall asleep due to worries and problems in personal or professional life, so in the morning people are tired and unproductive. We have prepared some practical tips to help you cope with this problem.

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