Do not spoil the cutlets: mistakes that most cooks make are named

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Do not spoil the cutlets: mistakes that most cooks make are named
Serious mistakes when cooking cutlets. Source: freepik

For many, cutlets are one of their favorite dishes because they delight with their taste and perfectly complement both lunch and dinner. However, sometimes they do not come out as soft and fluffy as we would like.

The reason for this is that cooks often make three main mistakes that lead to the stiffness of the meat product. The UAportal team talks about them together with Ukr.Media.

There are a few secrets to making perfect patties that will surprise you with their unsurpassed taste and texture.

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Pay attention to the minced meat

Use minced meat from medium or coarse grinding. Avoid double grinding or using a blender as this can make the meat oo dense and tough.

Bread is your ally

Many people ignore this product because they believe that it only makes cutlets cheaper. In fact, bread not only makes cutlets more lush but also adds tenderness and juiciness. Just soak a piece of bread in milk, squeeze it and mix it with the minced meat.

Minced meat does not need milk

Pouring milk directly into the minced meat can make it too liquid, which will make it difficult to form the patties and make them hard after cooking.

By following these simple but effective tips, you will be able to prepare cutlets that are sure to surprise you with their texture and taste.

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