The most harmful way to cook eggs: forget about your favorite breakfast

Kateryna Dutik

How you can't cook eggs and why

Eggs have long been a favorite breakfast for adults and children alike. It is an excellent source of protein, which our body needs.

However, not all ways of cooking eggs are useful for humans. There is one that is more harmful to health and even accelerates aging.

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The most harmful way of cooking eggs is frying them in butter. Therefore, it is better to forget about this breakfast. All because vitamins and fatty acids are destroyed, because of which and experts advise adding eggs to your diet.

According to some studies, during frying, toxins and carcinogens accumulate in scrambled eggs. The same situation occurs with butter on which eggs are fried. When the protein comes into contact with the butter at high temperatures, a harmful substance called glycation end product (GEC) is created. It causes premature aging.

To make scrambled eggs healthy, you need to find a compromise. For example, it is better to fry eggs in refined oil. A healthier option is to replace fried eggs with hard-boiled eggs.

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