The reasons why cats sniff and lick their owner's feet are named

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The reasons why cats sniff and lick their owner's feet are named
Why does the cat lick and sniff the owner's feet. Source: pixabay

It's hard to find anyone who would disagree with the idea that cats are the most adorable creatures on the planet. These furry ones can boast not only their cute appearance but also unpredictable antics that can often surprise.

The internet is full of cat images, from simple drawings to hilarious memes and photos. However, there is nothing surprising in this, because the charming appearance of mustaches involuntarily evokes emotion in people, writes Ukr.Media.

Admiring these pets may not last long, because sometimes they show unexpected character traits. Cats have a special reputation among people, they are often perceived as selfish creatures towards their owners.

However, reality is more complex and multifaceted. Cats can show gratitude, although their way of expressing feelings is different from that of humans. Because of this, owners can sometimes feel not in the best way.

If your cat kindly licks or sniffs you, this is not a reason to be offended. In fact, it is their way of showing a deep affection that goes back to childhood, when a mother cat tenderly cares for her kittens. Although you are not related, to your cat you are part of her family.

However, the behavior of these furry ones is not always determined only by affection. Many other factors can affect it. For example, the animal may be interested in new smells that you have brought home, or feel stressed. In the presence of their owner, cats feel more comfortable, even if this requires overcoming their natural pride.

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