The most common mistakes due to which the baked goods do not rise are named

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The most common mistakes due to which the baked goods do not rise are named
Gross mistakes in baking. Source: pixabay

The time is approaching when many housewives will start preparing cakes for Easter. An important feature of yeast dough, which is used both for pies and for other baking, is its ability to rise, which makes the products look gorgeous.

The reason due to which the pastry does not rise and the dough remains moist from the inside can be several common mistakes. Today, the UApotal team, together with Pixelinform, talks about typical mistakes that can occur when preparing dough.

Unsifted flour

Before kneading the dough, do not forget to sift flour. This process will saturate it with oxygen, contributing to a better rise of the dough and giving lightness to the baking.

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Cold ingredients

Ensure that milk, kefir, butter and eggs are at room temperature before use. The heated ingredients make the dough more delicate and soft, which makes it easier to knead.

Incorrect mixing technique

Do not limit yourself to simply mixing the components: follow the recipe in detail. Knead the dough thoroughly until smooth and elastic.

Cold oven

Do not forget to preheat the oven. For most types of baking, a temperature of 180°C is ideal.

Temperature drop

Avoid opening the oven frequently during baking as this can cause the dough to fall. It is recommended to keep the door closed during the first 20 minutes of baking.

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