Named 8 foods that will help you warm up in the cold

Maria Tsikhotska

Named 8 foods that will help you warm up in the cold

Eating and keeping ourselves warm is what we need when the house is not warm enough. Some foods speed up our metabolism and thus warm us from the inside out. Shuba has shared a list of foods that will help beat the cold.

Warming foods

Consuming spicy foods like peppers, ginger and garlic can help you warm up quickly. Not only do they add flavor to any dish, but they also speed up your metabolism and raise your body temperature by stimulating blood circulation, so they are ideal for cold evenings.

Nutritionists recommend including vegetables in your diet, including root vegetables such as beets, carrots, parsnips and turnips. Their abundant carbohydrate content makes the body spend more energy on digestion, which helps in keeping you warm.

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Dark and hot chocolate is another warming food option. Theobromine in dark chocolate dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow and helping the body to warm up.

And finally, there is the use of spices. It has been studied that cinnamon and nutmeg can increase blood circulation and body temperature, so add them to main dishes, baked goods and drinks. This will give warmth to the food, enriching its taste and flavor.

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