5 things that should not be kept in a wallet have been named

Bylim Olena

 5 things that should not be kept in a wallet have been named

A wallet is the most common accessory where we usually keep money and personal items. However, some items can be at risk if your wallet is stolen or lost.

Experts advise against keeping large amounts of cash in your wallet. It is recommended to use bank cards and only carry the amount of cash you plan to spend.

It is not recommended to keep bank receipts and other financial documents in your wallet. If your wallet is stolen, your data may be compromised.

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Photos of loved ones may have sentimental value, but losing them when your wallet is stolen can be painful. It is better to store them in other places, for example, at home in a photo album.

It's also not a good idea to leave condoms in your wallet, as they can be damaged by friction and temperature.

Passwords and PINs: Keeping passwords and PINs in your wallet makes them accessible to intruders in case of loss or theft. Use secure storage methods such as digital password managers.

According to popular superstition, to attract money and wealth, you need to keep bills in your wallet flat, not crumpled or damaged.

There are several things you can put in your wallet to attract money. These include leaves of laurel or mint. Also, according to popular belief, three coins tied with a red thread will help attract money. And a drawing or photo of a bunch of grapes. The image of a bunch of grapes is considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

We offer to learn more about folk beliefs and superstitions to attract money.

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