5 life hacks every pet owner should know about have been named

Ihor Romanko

What are the most popular pet hacks
What are the most popular pet hacks. Source: 5.ua

Animals bring endless joy to our lives, but sometimes they can create a mess and lead to disasters. To maintain a comfortable home for both you and your furry family members, here are some helpful tips for organizing your space and keeping it clean.

With these simple tips, you can ensure harmony in your home, where all family members, including animals, will be happy and live in comfort, as suggested by the Telegraph.

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Repel cats with aluminum foil

If your cat chooses furniture to scratch, try using aluminum foil. Cats do not like its texture and avoid places where it is spread. Wrap foil around furniture legs or even areas where your cat jumps frequently.

Hide the cat's litter box

Give your cat some privacy by hiding its litter box in an old laundry basket or small cabinet. Cut a side door to fit your cat for easy access.

Use a desk chair mat as a bird cage

Bird cages often produce a lot of food and debris. Place a desk chair mat under the cage to keep your home clean by catching any scattered scraps.

Buy a pet food organizer

For those who have a four-legged friend, it is convenient to store dry food in a large container. This will not only preserve freshness but also make feeding easier by allowing you to pour food easily into a bowl.

Use a dog mat for muddy paws

Before heading out in the rain, lay out a mat or towel for your dog to wipe off its paws. Teach your dog to stay on the mat until you have wiped its paws. This will help avoid bringing dirt and stains into the house.

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