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You will bring misfortune and financial difficulties: Why you shouldn't raise money found on the street

Ihor Romanko

You will bring misfortune and financial difficulties: Why you shouldn't raise money found on the street

In folk beliefs, found money is considered a positive sign that can attract wealth, but it depends on the place of discovery and the denomination of the coins or bills. For example, according to popular beliefs, if a man finds bills before a meeting, he will be successful, and a girl who finds money during her period may soon walk down the aisle or give birth to a baby. However, psychics do not advise lifting the money found because it can have negative consequences.

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For example, finding money on a full moon can bring disappointment to the new owner, while finding money on a waning moon can bring good luck if you spend it on food.

It is better to give the money you find to those in need rather than borrow it. It is not recommended to take the wallet that was found, and the bills from it can be spent.

According to experts, if you find an item on the road, it is better not to take it. A banknote can have negative energy, reflecting poverty and unhappiness, and these problems can be passed on to the new owner. In addition, if a bill falls out of an unlucky person's pocket, picking it up can bring trouble. To avoid negative consequences, it is advised to pray and spend the money as soon as possible or give it to charity.

On the other hand, according to one belief, if you find an old coin with a destroyed or damaged side facing up, it can bring prosperity. But for this, you need to put the coin in your wallet. Legends say that if you step on a coin, money will follow you around. But the money found before lunch can bring poverty for the rest of your life.

Folk wisdom warns that it is better not to take a coin thrown on the road. Especially in deserted places or near an intersection, where it can be used as a ransom. By touching such money, a person can attract misfortune, trouble, and health problems. But the coin can be cleansed, even if it was "ransom money," by simply spitting on it three times and crossing oneself.

Since psychics and bioenergetics believe that the found money has its own energy, it is better not to bring it into the house or with other bills in your wallet.

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