Disasters and health problems will start: why you shouldn't walk barefoot at home

Ihor Romanko

Why you shouldn't walk barefoot at home

The eternal debate over whether to wear slippers or go barefoot at home continues to be relevant, and even among medical and folklore experts, opinions are divided.

Some advocate for the benefits of going barefoot, while others insist on the need to wear slippers. OBOZREVATEL found out what is behind this controversy and why the choice between slippers and bare feet may be more important than it may seem.

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Throughout history, cultural beliefs and superstitions have given rise to warnings about going barefoot indoors. There are numerous signs and prohibitions against walking barefoot in different situations. For example, folklore recommends refraining from going barefoot on the day of a funeral or if there is a deceased person at home.

Ancient beliefs often linked going barefoot to vulnerability to material misfortune and health problems. These beliefs date back to a time when shoes were viewed as a luxury and a symbol of wealth accessible only to the elite. Those who couldn't afford shoes due to financial constraints often traveled barefoot. Over time, this practice became a symbol of economic inequality, and the notion emerged that going barefoot could render a person susceptible to financial hardship and illness.

Despite these age-old beliefs, modern medical experts highlight the advantages of wearing slippers and provide several compelling arguments.

Protecting your feet holds significant practical importance. Glass shards or sharp objects hidden on the floor can result in painful injuries. Slippers act as a barrier between your feet and potential dangers, preventing unexpected cuts and discomfort.

The outside world brings with it numerous microorganisms that can cause infections. Pathogens from the street can easily transfer to bare feet, which can contribute to the spread of diseases. Additionally, pets that have been outside can introduce contamination into the home, elevating the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

The illusion of a perfectly clean floor is shattered upon closer examination under a microscope. Despite regular cleaning, floors teem with bacteria and germs that are invisible to the naked eye. While maintaining floor cleanliness is essential, ensuring a completely safe microcosm underfoot is nearly impossible.

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