Watch the behavior: How to understand that your cat really loves you

Ihor Romanko

How a cat behaves if it loves its owner

Even though cats can fall asleep in the most unexpected places, they often choose to sleep next to their owners. It is known that this may depend on the owner's attitude toward their pet. The closer the cat is to you, the more it trusts you.

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The main place for many cats to sleep is their owners' heads and hair, Glavred writes. The smell of the family is very calming for animals, and it is a key factor in identifying the owner as "their own." Thus, contact with the owner's skin and hair becomes necessary for cats.

An animal expresses its affection for a person through various actions. Cats may not remember the owner's face, but they do remember the voice, reaction, smell, and even gait patterns. To determine whether a cat has chosen you, you should pay attention to its behavior and reactions to you. Your facial expressions, voice, and smell are key factors for a cat.

Bonding with a cat requires regular feeding, grooming, brushing, and other pleasant things. If the cat sleeps on its side or opens its stomach, it shows its trust in you. Exposing the most vulnerable part of the body to you is the highest level of trust.

Cats are considered to be one of the most mysterious pets and have many signs and beliefs associated with their presence. Many signs are related to the behavior of cats.

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