2,000-year-old petroglyphs discovered on the Amazon coast (photo)

Maria Tsikhotska

 2,000-year-old petroglyphs discovered on the Amazon coast (photo)

Images of a human face and other figures carved on stone were discovered on the banks of the Amazon River. Researchers suggest that these petroglyphs may be about 2 thousand years old.

This information was published by The Guardian.

These stone carvings depict animals and other natural forms. Previously, such drawings were seen during a severe drought in 2010. But in October 2023, they reappeared as the water level in the river dropped significantly. Scientists attribute this to the dry season due to the heat impact in the North Atlantic Ocean caused by climate change.

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In addition to the images of anthropomorphic faces and other shapes, some of the stones have grooves on them, indicating that the site was used for the manufacture of stone tools.

Carlos Augusto da Silva of the Federal University of Amazonas discovered 25 groups of carvings on one stone, which he believes was used to sharpen various tools.

"These places are now archaeological sites with a large number of fragments of ceramics and rock paintings. They tell the story of the ancient history of the indigenous people of this region, and we must treat them with respect as we live in Manaus today," said archaeologist Filippo Stampanoni Bassi.

As a reminder, a sunken ancient city dating back to 1,800 years was found in Greece.

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