Is it possible to re-boil water: how it affects the body

Diana Bondarenko

Is it possible to re-boil water: how it affects the body
Can water be boiled twice

Have you ever wondered if it is safe to re-boil water? It can affect the quality of water, namely change its chemical composition.

This was reported in Science Notes. Re-boiling drinking, mineral and spring water changes its chemical composition. While repeated boiling of hard water can lead to the formation of chalky white scale inside the kettle.

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Scientists noted that drinking such water can increase the risk of various problems such as methemoglobinemia and arsenic toxicity due to pesticides and other chemicals that can concentrate from repeated boiling. However, re-boiling does not significantly increase the concentration of unwanted chemicals that are already in the water.

Also consider that using re-boiled water may affect the flavor of beverages such as coffee or tea due to the removal of dissolved gases.

Scientists add that there are no significant health risks from boiling water. However, re-boiling water increases the amount of minerals and other chemicals, so it is not recommended to re-boil water rich in nitrates and other chemicals.

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