Whether cats can have their ears pierced and wear earrings: experts' warning

Bylim Olena

Whether cats can have their ears pierced and wear earrings: experts' warning

In addition to buying clothes for their pets, cat owners can also dare to do something completely incomprehensible. For example, they give hairless animals tattoos and pierce their ears.

Some people think that piercing cats' ears is fashionable and stylish. Others believe that it is an unnecessary procedure that can cause harm to the animal. Experts on Ask Mu Cats told us why you should not put earrings on your pet's ears.

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Is it worth piercing the ears of a cat?

This decision is a personal one. If you decide to pierce your cat's ears, it is important to do it with a qualified specialist who has experience working with animals.

However, piercing your cat's ears is not recommended as it can cause serious nerve or vascular damage, which can impair your cat's hearing and sense of smell.

This procedure can be considered animal cruelty. In some countries, it is prohibited by law.

In addition, experts note, earrings with piercings are uncomfortable, unnatural and of little benefit to the cat's life.

It is noted that cat ears are a very fragile aspect of their anatomy, in this area there are several nerve structures responsible for their proper functioning.

"When you pierce a cat's ear, the metal cutting into it puts these nerves at risk. Damage to these nerves can lead to lack of sensation, discomfort and even orientation," added the feline health experts.

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Another explanation why you should avoid piercing your cat's ears is that the animal risks becoming deaf and also getting injured. Cats use their paws to wash and clean their bodies. So if there is an earring on the ear, the cat can paw it off with its paw and the ear will be traumatized, risking the development of an infection.

"A cat should not wear any earrings - under any circumstances. Cats scratch their ears regularly and habitually. There is no chance that the earring will not be pulled out and a bloody wound will remain in the ear where it was," - summarized the experts.

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