Is it okay to hold the cat's tail: facts to know

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Is it okay to hold the cat's tail: facts to know

A cat's tail is a fairly sensitive part of the body. Their tail is part of their spine and contains many nerves (especially at the base), and damage to these nerves can lead to various medical problems, including paralysis, so you should never pick up a cat by the tail.

Askmycats experts note that brushing hair out of the tail is allowed if you do it gently and if the animal doesn't resist. "You should never hold a cat by the tail. A cat's tail contains muscle, skin, fat and is an extension of the spine. The tail contains several vertebrae and nerve endings ... The nerves help move their tail," the report says.

If you pull your cat's tail, it can break the vertebrae, much less you can't carry a cat by holding its tail.

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Tail injuries can cause certain permanent damage.

"The tail has several major control nerves that can affect the tail muscles and also control urination and defecation. Pulling on the tail can cause nerve damage that can cause paralysis of the hind legs or pelvis. And then you will have to manually assist your cat from urinating and defecating daily," experts warned.

Why cats need a tail

The tail helps cats balance and keep their equilibrium. Cats also use their tails to communicate. When cats lift their tails, they spread their scent - pheromones to mark their territory.

Tail movement can mean different emotions of the animal, but it is usually discontent, fear, aggression, excitement or anger.

Earlier, experts named the body parts of cats that should not be touched.

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