They can die: which indoor plants should not be placed on the windowsill

Ihor Romanko

Which houseplants should not be placed on the windowsill
Which houseplants should not be placed on the windowsill

Growing indoor plants brings aesthetic pleasure and purifies the air. However, not all flowers adapt equally well to window sill conditions. Some of them can simply die in an unfavorable environment.

To ensure that your indoor plants delight you with beauty and health, carefully choose a place for each species. The website noviydoctor.com told about 5 species that are better not to be placed on the windowsill.

1. Spathiphyllum:

  • This plant is excellent at purifying the air but does not like the cold.
  • Hypothermia of the roots on a cold windowsill can lead to its death.
  • Spathiphyllum also does not like direct sunlight, which can burn its leaves.

2. Ficus:

  • Ficuses are very popular, but they need a stable environment with high humidity.

3. Cacti:

  • Most cacti need a lot of sun, so a windowsill may seem like a logical place.
  • However, they also need a stable temperature, and they do not tolerate drafts.
  • High winter humidity near a window can cause cacti to rot.

4. Orchids:

  • These exquisite flowers need careful maintenance, including regular watering and a humid climate.

5. Saintpaulia (African (Usambara) Violet):

  • This delicate flower is sensitive to temperature changes and needs stable, moderate heat.


  • Shade-tolerant and temperature-resistant plants grow well on the windowsill.
  • If you still want to place more sensitive flowers there, take care to protect them from drafts, direct sunlight, and humidity control.

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