Excess weight can only be gained at certain times of the day

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Excess weight can only be gained at certain times of the day
Excess weight can only be gained at certain times of the day


A study by scientists from Flinders University and the University of Liverpool has resulted in a verdict that has long been a basic dietary principle in healthy eating.

At certain times of the day (from 16:00), it is better not to eat certain foods to avoid gaining extra pounds, experts have found out.

The authors of the new work came to the conclusion that due to the specific activity of the brain, people find unhealthy high-calorie snacks more attractive in the afternoon. What a "discovery"!

This is the time when people usually overeat saturated fatty and sweet food ingredients, the scientists summarized.

The researchers invited 300 young women for testing to assess their attitudes toward food at different times of the day. The data they obtained showed that in the afternoon, the brain forms a particularly warm attitude toward food with a pronounced taste due to fat, salt, and sugar.

"People found junk food more attractive in the afternoon. At this time, they automatically thought about unhealthy snacks in a more positive way, which ultimately contributed to increased cravings for these products and their subsequent consumption," the authors of the project specified.

Why did the brains of 300 young women have positive thoughts about high-calorie, high-sugar foods at this particular time of day?

I see the root cause in psychology, and then mediators/hormones and other biochemistry come into play that shape this eating behavior.

And a little recipe for the track:

in the afternoon, when you feel a surge of love for a certain food, go for long bike rides, to the gym, to the pool, on a date...))

Think in a positive way about your body, movement, and blood circulation – and the "inflamed" center in the brain called "fat/sweet" will be significantly reduced.