Culinary experts have revealed a trick to make chops juicy

Kateryna Dutik

Juicy chops - how to cook chops

The most delicious chops are made from properly selected meat. However, you also need to know other secrets of cooking this simple dish.

This dish is loved by both adults and children. Use Pixel's tips to make it a success.

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Choosing the right meat

Pork, or a neck with a small amount of fat, pork shoulders or thighs with a light pink hue and layers of fat in particular, is the best choice.

If you decide to cook chicken, choose a fillet that will also make juicy chops.

If it's beef, the thigh should be light red and mature. If it is lamb, choose a light thigh or light neck.

How thick should the pieces of meat be?

Do not cut the meat too thinly as it will turn out tough and not juicy.

The pieces should be up to 1.5 cm. Use a very sharp blade so that you can cut through the fibers more easily and without breaking the structure.

After cutting, beat the meat, but without excess force. You can use a tenderizer instead of a kitchen hammer, which will help prepare the product for frying much faster and better.

What should be added to chops?

Cooks believe that it is enough to rub the meat with ground pepper and salt. But you can add the spices you like. Be careful not to overpower the flavor of the meat.

An important step is breading the chops, but before that, you need to dry the meat well. For breading, use breadcrumbs or sesame seeds, or other products of your choice.

How long should I fry chops?

Different things affect the frying of chops: what kind of pan you have, temperature, type of meat, breading, etc. But it's enough to fry the chops over moderate heat for 3 minutes on each side.

Do not make the fire too low and fry the chops for too long as this is the main mistake that can ruin the dish.

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