Dog trainers named 4 mistakes in dog training that can harm your pet

Maria Tsikhotska

Dog trainers named 4 mistakes in dog training that can harm your pet

Undoubtedly, all dog owners try to pay enough attention to the care and upbringing of their four-legged friends, according to Ukr.Media. But sometimes they make mistakes that can harm their pets. To avoid this, it is important to remember and follow a few simple rules.

Improper punishment

Dogs are loyal and faithful animals, and they will always support their owners. However, unreasonable punishments can leave a negative mark on your dog's psyche. Try to be fair and consistent in your training and education.

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Excessive demands

Don't expect your dog to learn all the commands and requirements immediately. Training can take time, and not all commands may be understood by your dog. Be patient and continue training gradually.

Punishment during the call

If you intend to punish your dog, do not call him to you beforehand. Otherwise, the dog may form a negative association with you and refuse to listen to you.

Playing alone

It is important that your dog not only plays alone, but also interacts with you and other animals. Interactive games help develop and keep your dog active both mentally and physically. Don't forget about this when you are raising and playing with your four-legged friends.

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