Is it better to freeze raw or cooked beets: tips from housewives

Maria Tsikhotska

Is it better to freeze raw or cooked beets: tips from housewives

Freezing borscht ingredients is a popular way to save time. Carrots and grated tomatoes are common frozen ingredients. But is it possible to freeze grated raw beets? Experienced housewives share their experience.

Liliia Tsvit writes about this.

Every housewife has her own secret recipe for borscht. However, there are universal tips that make the dish even more delicious.

One user recommends freezing grated boiled beets,

"I grate boiled beets, put them in food bags, and then put them in rectangular dishes. I freeze them. When it freezes, I take it out of the packages and put it in the freezer. Nothing turns black and the color is completely preserved. I do the same with carrots, but I rub them raw."

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Other housewives note that after freezing, beets can turn black and brown in borscht.

"It will turn brown if you cook it for a very long time. If you cook it for a few minutes, it's fine."

The next tip is not to throw beets from the freezer directly into the borscht.

"I first put it in a preheated frying pan without defrosting it, and then add it to the pot at the end of cooking."

Freezing grated beets is a convenient way to save time. It is important to freeze and thaw it properly to preserve its color and flavor.

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