What plants to plant in the garden to scare away unwanted cats

Bylim Olena

What plants to plant in the garden to scare away unwanted cats
Cats in the garden and vegetable garden

Cat feces can be a real problem for gardeners. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of unwanted feline guests in your garden.

According to horticulture.co.uk, certain plants repel cats.

These are the following herbs and flowers:

  • Lavender: This fragrant plant will not only beautify your garden but will also scare cats away with its scent.
  • Rosemary: Another aromatic plant that is more useful in cooking than lavender.
  • Rue: An ornamental grass with bright yellow flowers, cats do not like its smell.
  • Curry plant: Repels cats with its odor.
  • Flea mint (pennyroyal): Has a minty odor that cats don't like.
  • Any plant with thorns: Cats don't like to risk injury.
  • Catnip: Can be planted in one part of the garden to lure cats away from other areas.

Other methods to scare cats away from your garden:

Mulching: Cover the soil with mulch to make it less attractive to cats.

Special mats: Lay out mats with spikes or wire mesh to make it uncomfortable for cats to walk on.

Scents: Use odors that cats don't like, such as citrus, coffee grounds, or vinegar.

Remember that some methods may be more effective than others. You may need to try several different methods to find what works for you.

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