What plants should be planted under an apple tree to improve the health of the fruit tree

Ihor Romanko

What plants to plant near an apple tree

In caring for apple trees, gardeners can try to use the free space between the trees to grow other plants to improve the overall health of the apple tree. Such companionship can have a positive effect on the health of fruit trees and make them easier to care for.

Some ideal companions for apple trees include perennial and annual lupines, calendula, dill, cucumbers, peas, legumes, marigolds, radishes, peonies, and others. They can interact and promote each other's growth, as noviydoctor.com suggests.

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At the end of the growing season, the plants can be pruned, and the above-ground parts left in place for natural decomposition. This will provide the apple tree with additional nutrition in the spring.

For example, planting radishes near an apple tree will help you get a summer harvest without bolting. It's essential to remember that perennial lupine needs regular thinning every three years.

Other plants, such as hosta, sorrel, lettuces, basil, barberry, and others, can also be beneficial companions for an apple tree. In this case, the companionship will be neutral, and the plants will not interfere with each other.

On the other hand, some plants, like various types of cabbage, parsley, onions, mint, sage, fern, cosmea, clematis, and roses, can be detrimental to apple trees. In such cases, it's better to avoid cultivating these crops near apple trees.

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