Which cat breeds like to "talk" the most

Ihor Romanko

Which cat breeds meow the most and like to talk

Tired of a silent cat? Do you dream of a fluffy companion who is always ready to strike up a conversation? Then you need a cat of one of the 10 talkative breeds!

Choose a furry friend to your liking, because with a talking cat, life becomes brighter and more fun, marthastewart.com writes.

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1. American Bobtail: This furry friend not only loves to talk, but is also easy to train. And he gets along well with children!

2. Balinese Javanese cat: Elegant and graceful, this cat has not only a royal manner but also a loud voice. It will not hesitate to express its opinion on any occasion!

3. Bengal cat: These playful climbers love to be the center of attention. They are always ready to talk to you, and even teach you how to walk on a leash!

4. Burmese cat: Affectionate and people-oriented, Burmese love to cuddle and socialize. Their purrs and soft meows will leave no one indifferent!

5. Ocicat: This wild-looking cat has not only a sharp mind but also a loud voice. She will always be happy to greet you and your guests!

6. Oriental Shorthair cat: These slender beauties love human company. They will gladly share their purrs with you, or even complain if you leave them alone for too long.

7. Peterbald: These hairless cats require special care, but they more than make up for it with their affectionate nature and talkativeness.

8. Siamese cat: These cats are known for their talkative nature. They love to socialize and are always ready to express their opinions!

9. Sphynx: These cute and lively cats are not always hairless, but they are always vocal. You will definitely not be bored with them!

10. Tonkinese cat: These playful furry felines love to bring toys and hide. They are also always ready to cheer you up with their purring and meowing.

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