What hats are best not to wear in winter: they make hair brittle and oily

Maria Tsikhotska

What hats are best not to wear in winter: they make hair brittle and oily

The wrong hat can make your hair greasy and brittle. TSN has suggested which hats you should avoid to keep your hair healthy.

Hats with a lot of decorative elements

Hats with an excessive amount of sequins and pebbles not only look ugly but can also damage your hair. Such details often cling to the hair and can even tear it out.

Hats that are not suitable for the weather

Choose a hat based on the weather conditions. Wear fur or woolen hats only in cold weather, and always take them off indoors to avoid sweating.

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Hats made of synthetic materials

Artificial fabrics prevent hair from breathing, and this can contribute to head sweating and oily hair. Choose hats made of natural materials only.

Hats that are too tight

It's important to listen to your feelings: if the hat is tight, replace it with a more comfortable model. A tight hat can interfere with normal blood circulation and contribute to hair loss.

Headbands and headphones

In cold weather, these accessories will keep your scalp cold, which can negatively affect your hair. It is better to choose hats that completely cover your head.

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