How to win a cat's favor: 8 tips for owners

Ihor Romanko

What to do to please a cat

If your cat has been avoiding you, it could be for several reasons. But there are ways to help you improve your relationship and win your furry friend's affection.

If you follow certain rules and understand "cat body language," it can make it easier to communicate with your four-legged friend, writes the Telegraph.

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Signs that the cat is friendly:

  1. If the cat's tail is raised up and the upper part is tipped over, this indicates friendship and joy.
  2. Dilated pupils can be a sign of tension or a hostile mood.
  3. When the cat's ears are pointed forward, it indicates interest and a positive attitude.
  4. If the cat approaches without fear, it is a good sign.

Signs that the cat may not be in the mood for communication:

  1. Dilated pupils may indicate tension or stress.
  2. This movement may indicate uncertainty or irritation.
  3. Lowered or flattened ears may indicate tension or hostility.
  4. If your cat avoids contact, it may be a sign that it is better not to interact with him at this time.

How do you know if you are making your cat feel good?

Here are some tips:

  1. Cats don't always like to be looked in the eye, as it can be stressful.
  2. Try to mirror the cat's body language, which can reduce anxiety.
  3. Slowly blinking towards the cat can be a sign of friendship and relaxation.
  4. Wait for the cat to come to you without touching it, which will help build trust.
  5. Offer your cat your index finger and see if it puts its head against it, which may be a sign that it is ready for a hug.
  6. Reward the cat with treats by petting it, which will help it associate you with something pleasant.
  7. Avoid using a loud voice, speak quietly and calmly; this will relax the cat.
  8. Pet the cat where it likes it, avoiding places that cause stress.

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