How to remove ivy in the garden so it doesn't spoil the view: simple tips

Ihor Romanko

How to remove ivy from the garden and vegetable garden

Ivy is a problem for many gardeners, and it is very difficult to fight this stubborn plant. Members of the Mrs. Hinch Gardening Facebook group, advocates of cleanliness and order, shared some foolproof tips on how to get rid of this rebellious plant neighbor in the garden.

One of the participants, Joy Comben Allen, shared her difficulties with ivy, which "took over not only the tree but the entire flower bed." She noted that even the use of a special product did not help. People from the group offered their life hacks. This was reported by the Mirror.

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One option is to dig up the main root and all the surrounding ones. If nothing grows nearby, use acid, but be careful as it can harm the plants. Another tip is to cut the stems about 10 cm from the ground, leaving a portion at ground level for easy root removal.

It is also advised to use a stronger weed killer or a special preparation for killing ivy. This may require several attempts, but under such conditions, the plant will be completely removed.

Keep your garden free of this stubborn ivy with simple but effective tips from experienced gardeners.

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