How to grow a lemon from the seed on your windowsill: simple tips

Ihor Romanko

How to plant and care for lemon at home

The lemon tree has become popular among house plants thanks to the persistence of breeders and the dexterity of florists. Now the room lemon not only decorates the interior with its appearance, but can also please you with delicious fruits.

Let's consider how to grow a lemon from a seed and how to take care of it correctly. For these steps, you can grow your own lemon on the windowsill and enjoy fresh fruits of your own production, write Windows.

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How to grow a lemon at home: features and when the first fruits will be

In warm countries, the lemon grows wildly thanks to a favorable climate. But even in conditions where the climate is less gentle, you can grow your own lemons for 4-5 years, observing certain rules of care. The main thing is to properly care for the plant.

Citrus tree is evergreen, requires a lot of moisture and grows in the shade. Indoors, it grows actively in February-March and stops - in November. Lemon can be propagated in different ways: through seeds, using the seedpod, or vegetatively through cuttings, grafts or branches.

How to grow a lemon on the windowsill and what seeds to take for this purpose

It is optimal to use freshly collected seeds from ripe fruits without signs of disease. Seeds from store lemons, as a rule, are not fresh, but there is a possibility that they will still germinate after a period of drying or storage at room temperature.

To be guaranteed to grow a lemon at home, it is better to prepare a lot of seedpods, because from a dozen seeds, several sprouts are bound to appear. Not all of them will survive to fruiting at home, because some can get sick or suffer during grafting.

How to grow a lemon tree from a seed: instructions

  1. After drying the seeds, let them germinate in the ground under the film. Then remove the protective layer so that the seedlings get used to room conditions.
  2. Create moderate watering, avoiding overwatering and rotten roots. Water three times a week in hot weather, reduce to twice a week in winter.
  3. Wipe dust off citrus leaves weekly and spray regularly with water.
  4. Repot your indoor lemon regularly into a larger pot each spring.
  5. Choose a citrus fertilizer with trace elements of zinc, boron, manganese and feed the plant every two weeks.
  6. To prevent the lemon tree from becoming dense, constantly form the crown, removing the central shoot at a distance of 20 cm from the ground.
  7. To accelerate fruiting, use copper wire, which is removed after six months or a year.

Recall, before the onset of the cold season, dacha growers begin to prepare for winter. During this period, one of the most important procedures is the protection of plants in the garden from pests. To do this, you can use a home remedy prepared on the basis of a well-known fertilizer.

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