How to look younger with the right makeup (video)

Diana Bondarenko

How to look younger with the right makeup (video)
How to do the right makeup

Did you know that you don't have to go to a beautician and get injections to look younger? Because regular makeup can help women look younger.

This was reported by beauty expert Nicole Johnson. In particular, she showed what effect a properly applied eyeliner can have.

Instead of the traditional use of eyeliner, Nicole teaches women to use nude powder pigment on the eyelid to lighten it. After that, matte purple eyeshadow should be applied, and only after these steps, a straight "mini-wing" should be created with a pencil.

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The expert notes that using an eyeliner pencil can help to avoid an unpleasant contrast between the dark shade of eyeliner and the flesh tone of the skin. This method, according to Nicole, helps to create the effect of "fuller" eyes and emphasizes the look.

Using a deep purple pencil, the expert advises applying it along the lash line to create a slightly shaded effect that emphasizes dark lashes. According to Nicole, this technique helps to hide the signs of aging and creates a natural, younger look.

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