How to choose the sweetest tangerines: 4 effective tips

Maria Tsikhotska

How to choose the sweetest tangerines: 4 effective tips

The tangerine season has already begun, and to help you pick the best and sweetest tangerines, TSN will provide you with tips on recognizing delicious tangerines.

How to choose the right tangerines:


Choose fruits with smooth and shiny skin, a sign of maturity and sweetness. Avoid dull or wrinkled skin, as well as fruit with blemishes or soft spots, which may indicate poor quality.


Opt for heavier tangerines, as this can be an indicator of higher juice content and a more pronounced flavor. A light tangerine may be less juicy and less flavorful.

Peel color

One of the key signs is the bright orange color of the peel, indicating ripeness and high sugar content. Dull or greenish skin may indicate unripeness and sourness.


Real ripe tangerines have a distinct aroma that can be sensed even from a distance. A lack of flavor or an unpleasant odor can be an indicator of unripeness.

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