How to eliminate negative energy from home with vinegar and cinnamon

Kateryna Dutik

How to cleanse the house of negative energy
How to cleanse your home of negative energy

Some people tend to feel uncomfortable in their own homes. Without being able to identify the cause of this discomfort, they live in an unhealthy environment and endure a gloomy atmosphere.

Sometimes unexpected tensions arise and family members are overcome with feelings of bitterness and sadness. If your home is no longer a haven where you feel safe and secure, it is likely that negative energies are circulating there. Sante Plus advises using an ancient ritual with vinegar and cinnamon to get rid of harmful vibrations.

A negative atmosphere at home can plunge us into a black hole and cause exhaustion, bringing problems. While it is generally accepted that positive people bring good energy accompanied by joy, vitality, and harmony, some people are victims of a negative atmosphere in their living space. The latter must perform purification rituals to drive away evil spirits from their homes.

A protective ritual with vinegar and cinnamon brings spiritual purification and rids your home of all negative entities that may be haunting it. With its protective properties, cinnamon acts as an energy shield against toxic thoughts and negative forces that can harm our living space. In addition to being used repeatedly at home, vinegar helps to harmonize the environment, brings healing and drives away evil spirits.

Here are the steps to follow to energetically clean your home:

1. Start by sweeping the outside of your home to remove dust and debris.

2. Put everything you pick up in a trash can and throw it away immediately.

3. In a bucket, mix water with 6 tablespoons of white vinegar.

4. Use the mixture to wipe the floor and pour the dirty water down the drain.

5. When you're done, put a few cinnamon sticks in two liters of water and cook over low heat. Leave to infuse until the cinnamon releases its essence, then remove from heat.

6. Wash the floor again with this water in every room of the house to drive away any negative vibrations and clear the mind.

7. Pour the dirty water down the drain to get rid of bad energy from the house.

8. Be sure to ventilate your home to encourage the evacuation of harmful energies.

9. Consider burning natural incense to harmonize your home, improve circulating vibrational waves, and protect yourself from the evil eye.

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