How to reduce heating costs: 5 simple tips

Ihor Romanko

How to save on heating

When the weather turns cold, many people will turn on their heating to keep warm. However, as the cost of living crisis continues, Brits are likely to look for ways to cut their energy bills.

British engineer Sunny Solanki has shared useful tips to help make more efficient use of heating and reduce heating costs. This was reported by the Express. These tips can be easily applied to Ukrainian realities.

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  1. Move the furniture away from the radiators: Furniture in front of the radiators prevents even heat distribution in the room, which can make your apartment cooler. It is important to make sure that large furniture does not block access to the radiators and radiators so that the heating works efficiently.
  2. Install thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs): TRVs detect the temperature in a room and regulate the flow of hot water to the radiators to ensure a comfortable temperature. They allow you to adjust the temperature separately for each room and only heat the rooms you use.
  3. Bleed the radiators: Air pockets in radiators can prevent the surface from heating evenly. To improve the efficiency of your radiators, release any air that has accumulated in the system.
  4. Install energy-saving foil behind the radiators: Radiator foil installed behind the radiators directs heat into the room instead of out onto the walls. This helps to reduce heat loss and increase heating efficiency, especially in rooms with radiators located on the outside walls.
  5. Do not heat all rooms: If you can regulate the heating in individual rooms, don't waste money heating those rooms that are not used in winter. Turn off the radiators and close the doors in such rooms to avoid circulating cold air throughout the house.

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