How to reduce the amount of cleaning in the kitchen: several useful life hacks

Anastasia Kryshchuk

How to reduce the amount of cleaning in the kitchen: several useful life hacks
You will have to clean up less after cooking. Source: freepik

The kitchen is a space where cleanliness does not linger for long. The reason for this is simple: the process of preparing dishes takes place here, which is incompatible with impeccable order. Even housewives who are famous for their pedantry cannot avoid contamination on kitchen surfaces and dishes during cooking.

Those who are not lazy usually take it easy to clean their kitchen. However, some do not like spending time washing and cleaning after culinary experiments. For such housewives, several tricks can simplify the cleaning process, writes Ukr.Media.

A small waste bucket

During cooking, we often face not only cutting products but also cleaning them. Residues that remain can make cleaning difficult by spreading around the kitchen.

However, placing a small waste bin on the kitchen counter can make the process easier. You will only need to throw out the contents of the bucket.

A bottle of soap solution

The end of cooking often leaves behind dirty dishes that need to be thoroughly cleaned. This process can be accelerated if the contamination is removed immediately.

To do this, mix a soapy solution and pour it into a bottle. Then, place the dirty dishes in the sink and pour the solution over them. Thus, food residues will not stick and it will be easier to wash them.

Splash screens

When frying food, contamination of the surrounding space is possible. To avoid this, you should pour oil on a dry pan.

The use of protective screens, which are made of mesh, will help to avoid flying splashes.

Immediate stain removal

Do not delay removing stains from liquids or products. Always have a rag handy to wipe up spills immediately.

These methods will be useful for every housewife. They will help make cleaning in the kitchen easier and faster, and save your time.

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