How to get rid of onion bitterness: Jamie Oliver revealed the secret

Diana Bondarenko

How to get rid of onion bitterness: Jamie Oliver revealed the secret
What to do to keep onions from being bitter. Source: pixabay

Onions are the basis of many recipes. Sometimes it can be bitter, but this is due to improper cooking.

Chef Jamie Oliver spoke about the main mistakes and named the steps that will help to get rid of onion bitterness forever, the Mirror reports.

Onions are undoubtedly one of the main ingredients in many dishes, from sauces to pasta to curries and soups. However, shortcomings in the preparation of this ingredient can affect the final result.

Jamie Oliver revealed a secret he learned from Italian chef Nonna Rosanna. This simple but effective culinary technique is to wash the chopped onions before cooking. According to the chef, this method not only makes the onions softer but also adds extra sweetness during cooking.

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"I use her (Italian Nonna Rosanna's - ed.) trick of washing chopped onions to make them softer, and this moisture also helps to add extra sweetness during cooking!" Jamie Oliver said.

He added that those who are concerned that the onions may be too sweet can add a little white vinegar to the vegetable to create the desired contrast.

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