How to cook pasta in just 1 minute: a culinary life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to quickly cook pasta

There is a simple and quick way to cook pasta that saves time. This life hack allows you to cook delicious and juicy pasta in minutes, and here's how to do it.

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When you have limited time or acute hunger and need to prepare a delicious meal quickly, this method will come in handy. The secret is to soak the pasta in water for about an hour before cooking, as ukr.media writes.

While the pasta is soaking, you can go about your business or prepare other components of the dish. After 60 minutes of soaking, drain the pasta well in a colander, and then simply throw it into boiling, pre-salted water. And here's the main trick: in just one minute, they will be ready!

The taste of pasta cooked this way will be no different from traditionally cooked pasta. This method allows you to save a lot of time and simplify the preparation of a delicious dish.

In addition, if you soak the pasta in cold water in advance, for example, in the evening, you will need only a few seconds to cook it in the morning. Your breakfast will be ready in a flash, and you can spend more time on important morning tasks. With this simple life hack, you can enjoy delicious pasta more quickly and save time in your daily routine.

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