How to boil buckwheat in 3 minutes: cooks shared the secret

Ihor Romanko

How to boil buckwheat in 3 minutes: cooks shared the secret

Cooking a delicious buckwheat porridge can be even in duration of only three minutes. This quick recipe will not only save time, but also will not affect the taste and useful properties of the dish.

This recipe, which was shared in the publication gazeta.ua, will be especially suitable for lovers of crumbly and tender buckwheat. Here's how to cook it:

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  • Buckwheat groats;
  • Water;
  • Salt;
  • Butter.


  1. Start with an obligatory ratio of buckwheat and water in the proportion of 1:2. Regarding the other ingredients, such as salt and butter, their quantity can be chosen according to your taste.
  2. First, pick the buckwheat, then rinse it two or three times under cold water to deprive it of excess starch.
  3. Put the buckwheat in a pot and add water in a ratio of 1:2.
  4. Here also introduce the right amount of salt, but do not dissolve it, and just leave the porridge overnight.
  5. In the morning, your buckwheat will be almost ready to serve and will require only 3-5 minutes of cooking under a lid on medium heat.
  6. Before serving, add butter to the porridge and serve as a main course or side dish as you wish. Now you can enjoy a delicious and quickly cooked buckwheat porridge.

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