How to warm up using bubble wrap: an unusual method

Kateryna Dutik

How to keep warm in the fall and winter with the help of bubble wrap

Who doesn't know about bubble wrap? When we were kids, we loved to have fun with it, popping the bubbles from all sides. Later on, it even inspired some brands to create the famous "Pop it" toy.

According to Sante Plus, bubble wrap is not only enjoyable and stress-relieving, but it is also, above all, a very practical and effective protective packaging. However, that's not all. It can also come to your rescue in certain extreme situations.

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Bubble wrap – a solution for hypothermia

During a move, for instance, to transport the most fragile or delicate items, it's an ideal tool to help protect your belongings. However many people are unaware of the unexpected potential of this transparent film. It has a very unusual application.

According to some experts, bubble wrap can even save lives. At least, this was the conclusion of a 2009 study conducted by a group of Norwegian rescuers who discovered the extent of its capabilities. In particular, they found that the film can protect against hypothermia.

So, based on this study, this material can insulate body heat much better than several layers of cotton. By reflecting heat to your body, the bubbles can keep you warm even in the depths of winter. Tests have shown that the material has a heat retention efficiency of 69%.

According to the renowned American Mayo Clinic, hypothermia occurs when the human body loses heat more quickly than it can produce it. If a person is exposed to cold for an extended period, their body can no longer maintain a "normal" internal temperature, and if it drops below 35°C, it can quickly lead to a critical situation or even a potentially fatal outcome. Hypothermia can result in organ dysfunction and death if medical attention is not sought promptly.

Of course, during the winter, the best way to prevent this, that is, to avoid a significant drop in your body temperature, is to wear multiple layers of clothing to help maintain a healthy internal temperature. Hot drinks are also recommended. Some people also have the habit of using a hot water bottle under their covers on very cold evenings. But now, another alternative material can be of great assistance: bubble wrap.

How to stay warm with bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap traps body heat and provides insulation against moisture. In cold weather, especially during inclement conditions, wet clothing can further decrease your body temperature. It's always recommended to remove wet clothes as soon as possible to avoid potential hypothermia.

Specifically, to shield yourself from rain and downpours, do not hesitate to wrap yourself in a layer of bubble wrap. This is only a temporary solution to keep you warm while you're exposed. That's why we suggest you always keep some handy, particularly in your car.

We would like to remind you that many people tend to wash their clothes at low temperatures to conserve water and electricity. However, experts warn that this can be detrimental to health.

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