How to make your cat's life more interesting and comfortable: veterinary advice

Ihor Romanko

What to do to make it more interesting for a cat to live in an apartment

Life with a cat is a constant excitement, joy, and some daily challenges. But how do you ensure your feline friend's comfort and your own house is in order?

In this article from cxid.info, we'll share some useful tips to help make living with a cat even more harmonious.

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In the age of technology, entertainment is available not only to us but also to our furry friends. Your tablet can be a real godsend for your cat, providing hours of exciting leisure. To get started, find and download special apps with mini-games for cats.

The main thing is that the game should be interactive and respond to your cat's paw movements. Place the tablet on the floor or on a low table, start the game, and watch your cat enthusiastically try to catch a virtual mouse or fish.

To make bathing less stressful for your cat, use a sink instead of a bathtub. The smaller size of the space will help your cat feel more confident and relaxed while bathing.

Create a cozy spot for your cat by placing a hammock near a window or in another secluded corner. Cats love heights and the opportunity to observe the world around them, so a hammock will be a real gift for them. You can make a hammock with your own hands or buy a ready-made one in a store.

Every cat owner who works at a computer knows how much these furry creatures love keyboards. If you are distracted, your cat is already between the keys, cozying up to you.

The solution is simple and ingenious at the same time: place an empty box next to your computer desk. Cats will not resist the temptation to climb into it. The box will become a real magnetic trap for them.

Curiosity is one of the main character traits of our furry friends. They are constantly striving to explore the world around them, and cabinets and shelves seem to be particularly attractive places.

To satisfy your cat's natural instincts and keep the house tidy at the same time, try setting up a special place for him right in the closet. Choose one of the shelves, preferably lower down so that your cat can easily climb up there, and clear it of things. Put a soft blanket or pillow there to create a cozy and comfortable nest.

Create an exciting play arena for your energetic cat by using cardboard boxes, rustling bags, fun balls, smart puzzles, and interesting fishing rods. Your furry friend will be delighted with this variety of entertainment!

Create or purchase a special tunnel for cats, the inner walls of which rustle when touched. Cats love such toys for the ability to hide, hunt, and just rustle around, enjoying the sounds.

Cats are considered one of the most mysterious pets and have many signs and beliefs associated with their presence. Many signs are related to the behavior of cats.

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