How to make a comfortable travel pillow out of a sweater and a rubber band: a useful life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to make a neck pillow from a sweater and an elastic band

When traveling, many of us look for convenience and comfort, especially when it comes to long flights. Some people usually take special pillows with them for traveling.

However, when searching for the perfect way to relax on an airplane, blogger James Leinhardt recommends refraining from buying travel pillows at the airport. In his opinion, these products are not only expensive, but also not always as comfortable as they seem at first glance.

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"They are not able to support your neck the way your body requires. They don't have enough support for the 20 muscles and seven vertebrae in your neck," James shares his impressions.

Instead of spending money on expensive pillows, the blogger offers a simple and affordable life hack that will save you money and space in your suitcase. All you need is a regular sweatshirt and a hair elastic band.

"Take a sweatshirt, fold it in half, roll it into a pillow, wrap it around your neck, and then use a rubber band or string to secure the ends together. Now you have a simple but very comfortable neck pillow," James explains.

This method not only saves you money, but also allows you to save space in your suitcase, as you can always take the sweatshirt with you on a trip and use it as regular clothes. Thus, you can take care of your comfort and save money at the same time while traveling.

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