How to make expensive eye makeup with a few products

Diana Bondarenko

How to make expensive eye makeup with a few products
How to do makeup correctly. Source: pixabay

Makeup can draw attention to your best features, but it can also emphasize flaws. It would seem that applying a few products, blending with a brush, and that's it, the look is ready.

However, for the perfect makeup that will not only please everyone, but also boost your self-esteem, you should know certain life hacks. This was reported by Watsons.

How to make perfect eye makeup

Perfect eyebrows:

Draw three small dots on the eyebrow line: one near the nose, one at the level of the pupil, and the last one above the outer corner of the eye. Then connect them with a pencil, eye shadow, or other brow product.

Smooth arrows:

A spectacular look can be achieved with perfect arrows. Use eye shadow and fine brushes to create them. Draw the shape with the eyeshadow and then apply the eyeliner. This method makes it easy to correct inaccuracies in the shape.

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Long eyelashes:

First, use a curler to curl your lashes. After that, apply primer and then mascara. This way you can significantly lengthen your lashes.

Use false eyelashes:

You can change your look with false eyelashes. However, do it carefully, place the lashes at an angle in accordance with the growth line of your own eyelashes.

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