How to remove tea plaque from cups with the help of penny means

Anastasia Kryshchuk

How to remove tea plaque from cups with the help of penny means
Means that will quickly remove tea plaque from cups. Source: pixabay

It is not uncommon for a situation to arise when an unwanted plaque forms at the bottom of a cup after drinking tea, covering its inner sides. To solve this problem, you can use proven home remedies.

The accumulation of plaque in the cup leads to its strengthening and the difficulty of further removal, the UAportal team together with ukr.media tells. The longer you delay washing, the more difficult it will be to get rid of plaque, so you need to act immediately.

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How to clean plaque from cups using kefir

It is necessary to pour kefir into cups with a tea coating. If it covers the entire inside of the cup, fill it with kefir to the top. In the case when plaque is only on the bottom, a small amount of kefir will be enough. Leave the fermented milk drink in the cups for a couple of hours. After that, kefir can be consumed, because it remains safe, and the cups will be clean.

How to remove plaque using soda and vinegar

Prepare a mixture by mixing baking soda and vinegar in a ratio of one tablespoon of baking soda to two tablespoons of vinegar. Apply the resulting solution to cups with a tea coating and leave for 10-15 minutes to interact. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly with hot water to remove any remaining soda-vinegar solution. Your cups will regain their original purity and shine.

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