How to attract money to your home with feng shui

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How to attract money to your home with feng shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of architecture and design used to create harmonious environments and improve lives by placing objects in space in such a way as to influence the energy and flow of chi (or qi), which promotes health, happiness, and prosperity.

With this practice, you can attract financial prosperity to your home.

First, you need to clear the house of unnecessary things. Cluttered space impedes the flow of chi energy.

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Focus on the southeast sector of your home. This sector is responsible for wealth and abundance.

Place symbolic objects in the southeast sector that represent money and wealth. These can be fish statuettes, gold coins, money trees or other objects.

The southeast sector of the home should always be clean and well lit. Avoid placing sharp objects, dirty things, or garbage in the southeast sector.

What objects help to attract money to the house:

  • Statuettes of fish. In China, fish symbolize wealth and prosperity.
  • Gold coins are a traditional symbol of wealth in China.
  • Money trees are tropical plants that are considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Of course, you shouldn't forget that feng shui is just a tool. In order to attract money and financial prosperity into your life, you also need to work on your financial skills and attitude towards excessive spending.

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