How to make the perfect baked chicken: 3 culinary secrets

Ihor Romanko

How to bake chicken properly
How to bake chicken properly

Baked chicken is not only an everyday food, but also a real decoration of the festive table. How to cook chicken that will impress with its taste and flavor?

Following these simple tips, you can cook perfectly baked chicken, which will become a real star of your table, writes prostoway. Baked vegetables, rice or potatoes will go well with baked chicken.

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Here are 3 secrets that will help you with this:

1. Proper positioning:

  • Don't put the chicken breast-side up! This will cause the rump to be dry and other parts of the chicken to overbake.
  • Bake the chicken with the back facing up, "hiding" the rump. This way, the rump will soak up the juices better and remain juicy.

2. Lots of spices:

  • Don't be afraid to use lots of spices! They will penetrate deep into the meat during baking and make it incredibly flavorful.
  • Don't forget the marinade. This is another way to make chicken more juicy and flavorful.

3- Exact cooking time:

  • Cooking time depends on the weight of the chicken. For example, a one-pound chicken should be cooked for about an hour.
  • The optimal temperature for baking chicken is 170-180 degrees.

Before serving on the table, let the smokers cool down a little. So it will be easier to cut and will not fall apart.

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