How to overcome the lack of money and learn how to manage it properly

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How to overcome the lack of money and learn how to manage it properly
How to overcome the lack of money and learn how to manage it properly



Money are more than just paper bills or numbers in a bank account. It reflects our attitude to life, plans, opportunities and ideas about the future. Good money management plays a key role in our own well-being.

My name is Irina Shenye, I am a psychologist, and in this material we will talk about the fact that a stable and prosperous future begins with the ability to understand and manage your finances. Today, when money is becoming a necessary component of our lives, it is important to learn how to save and multiply them to be able to enjoy life, even when the "rainy day" is coming.

Watching our financial situation reveals an important fact: a healthy position in finances is the key to a harmonious life. Proceeding from this, the basic principles of financial literacy can be taken as a basis and create your own personal plan of financial distribution.

Culture of Financial Literacy: From Birth to Adulthood

The true formation of the ability to dispose of money begins in childhood. The way we were taught to perceive and process finances influences our future. It is important to teach the younger generation financial literacy, to give them an example of proper distribution and spending.

From the "Black Day" to savings: saving and protection

Pidlitkov's position in relations with money is characterized by living one day, when each purchase and spending is a mittev reaction. However, it is important to move to the ability to realize that the money should also be put away. Creating a financial cushion is a practical tool for peace of mind and confidence in tomorrow.

Dear position: ten percent for development

The ideal variant is a high-growth position, when our distribution plan helps to ensure an equal balance between expenses, savings and satisfaction. By reserving 55% for everyday needs, we ensure stability in everyday life. 10% for the financial cushion becomes a guarantee of calmness and inspiration for new ideas. Development and self-development cover 10% for education. Leaving room for joy, we add brightness to our lives, spending 10% on satisfaction. Our ability to share (5-10% for goodwill) and to influence positively on others attracts us more cash energy. And 10% on large purchases makes our ambitions more achievable, preventing a strong impact on the budget.

Transition from marriage to availability: how to deal with the lack of money.

What to do when there is nothing to put away? In this case it is important to recognize the root of the problem. Is it possible that the absence of financial stability is connected with psychological barriers?

Psychological barriers play a significant role in the ability of people to effectively manage their finances:

  1. One of the psychological barriers is the lack of financial literacy and education.
  2. Another psychological barrier is emotional decision making.
  3. Cognitive biases can also have a significant impact on financial decisions.
  4. Habits also play an important role in financial management. People who have negative financial habits, such as spending money without planning, maximal use of credit cards or lack of savings, may face difficulties in achieving financial stability.

Lifehack how to learn to save quickly: The secret of saving money is in systematicity. Set an automatic transfer of a certain amount to a separate account immediately after receiving income. This will help you learn to live with a smaller budget and automatically save for future purposes. Over time, this process will become a rudimentary, and your savings will grow invisible, but steady crocs.

Because the correct distribution of pennies - it is more than just budgeting. It is a true art of balance between the present and the future, satisfaction and savings. And gaining financial literacy is an investment in your future.

Having created a plan of distribution, you start the road to stability and growth, which today already changes your view of money and life in general. By practicing my ideas, you will notice how every month your income will increase, and harmony and control over finances will allow you to feel confident.