How to choose the right umbrella: three important tips

Maria Tsikhotska

How to choose the right umbrella: three important tips
Choose the right umbrella

An umbrella is a useful accessory not only in the fall but also in spring. You need to choose the right one to protect yourself from the rain. Let's look at the details.

Features of the choice

Pay attention to the frame. Cane umbrellas have a more robust design, but because of the rounded handle, they fit less well in a bag.

It's better to buy two: one stronger cane for the rain, and the second – an automatic compact one to carry with you.

The advantage of automatic ones is that they open and close with one button. But you can also take a regular one that opens manually – to your taste.

Pay attention to the frame material. Aluminum ones are lighter but less durable than steel ones. Choose umbrellas with more spokes on the dome.

High-quality and waterproof materials for the canopy are polyester and epauge. Simple nylon models can fail.

As for the color and prints, choose to your liking. A black umbrella is considered a classic. For spring, you can use brighter colors or patterns.

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