How to water radish so that it is tasty and juicy: gardeners' advice

Anastasia Kryshchuk

How to water radish so that it is tasty and juicy: gardeners' advice
How to water radish. Source: pixabay

Radish is one of the first crops that pleases us with its harvest in the spring. It can be grown both in greenhouses and in open beds as it is resistant to cold.

This root crop ripens very quickly, usually 20-40 days after germination. It needs sufficient humidity, so it is necessary to ensure regular watering but with compliance with certain rules, ProstoWay writes about them.

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Rules for watering radish

It is important to maintain regular watering. If you water infrequently but abundantly, the radish may crack. The same thing will happen if it rains more often outside.

Insufficient watering will lead to root crops being bitter and with cavities inside. The ideal watering option is doing it daily in the morning or evening. In hot and dry weather, it is necessary to water twice a day so that the soil always remains moist. Thus, radish will be juicy and very tasty.

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