How to store ketchup and mustard properly

Kateryna Dutik

How to store ketchup and mustard properly

Ketchup and mustard are popular sauces that are widely used in cooking. They have a long shelf life, but it is important to store them properly so that they do not lose their flavor and aroma.

These products can be stored at room temperature and do not need to be refrigerated. This was stated by Australian doctor Zac Turner for News.com.au.

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According to him, open ketchup and mustard do not necessarily need to be stored in the refrigerator.

In addition, tomato sauce and similar condiments (barbecue sauce, mustard) should not be kept in a cold room due to their high acidity and processing. If you open the package, pathogens will not develop there for a long time.

Turner advised to read the instructions on the package carefully and follow them. It is also important to keep an eye on the expiration date and not to consume anything that looks suspicious or smells strange.

According to the expert, most often poisoning can occur due to stale cooked meat, dairy products, eggs, seafood, and prepared foods.

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