How to realize that you are a toxic person

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How to realize that you are a toxic person
How to realize that you are a toxic person



Communication in a relationship is a dialog that involves compromise, agreement, and responsibility of each partner.

It's usually easier to spot an abuser in our environment or in a relationship, but noticing toxic behavior in ourselves is one of the easiest tasks. Few people can admit it to themselves.

If you notice that you are characterized by most of these behavioral criteria, it is important to start working on it. In therapy, that is.

  1. You try to dominate the conversation;
  2. You try to control everyone;
  3. It is vitally important for you to prove yourself right;
  4. You criticize your partner, the environment;
  5. You want to change your partner;
  6. You do not know how to apologize;
  7. You complain a lot;
  8. You gossip a lot;
  9. You like to take but not to give in return;
  10. You often humiliate others;
  11. You have negative thinking, i.e. you look for the negative in everything.
  12. You are often avoided by your friends.