How to realize that an orchid needs to be treated: signs

Diana Bondarenko

How to realize that an orchid needs to be treated: signs
How to care for an orchid

Orchids can not only bring joy to their blooms, but can also become a source of worry and concern due to root problems, bud drop and sticky blobs on the leaves. In such cases, you should pay attention to the plant.

This was reported by the publication Ua-novosti. Noticed that transparent sticky drops do not always indicate problems with the orchid, in some cases it can be normal nectar.

But if you notice such drops, but are sure that it is not nectar, be sure to pay attention to your orchid. This could be a sign of a pest attack or the presence of fungal diseases.

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In such cases, you should carefully inspect the plant, so you can notice small white bugs, translucent worms or larvae. If you find such pests - you need to separate the orchid from other plants, organizing a kind of quarantine zone. After that, it is necessary to remove all pests mechanically, clean the shoots and treat the plant.

If there are no pests, but there are spots or powdery mildew, you need to spray the orchid with fungicide. You should also reduce humidity in the room and temporarily limit watering.

If the orchid has neither pests nor diseases, the cause may be excessive moisture in the air or ground. In such a situation, it is recommended to reduce humidity and wash off the sticky drops on the leaves with a soft cloth, because otherwise it can lead to the development of fungal diseases.

Recall, we have already written that it is forbidden to produce when growing an orchid.

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