How to help yourself through the midlife crisis

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How to help yourself through the midlife crisis
How to help yourself through the midlife crisis



Of course, not everyone goes through a midlife crisis, but many do.

We often hear about this phenomenon, and when we reach a certain age, we seem to expect that it will soon hit us.

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Rather, even the expectation of something difficult makes living through this period more difficult.

As I have already written, this period is useful for us, but the range of emotions and experiences is difficult to digest in such a volume quickly.

During this period, men are more likely to devalue their achievements, doubt the correctness of their lives, and regret what they have not done. Sometimes they even fall into the state of "Transitional Age", i.e. rebel like teenagers.

Women face the inevitability of age-related changes, regret them, accept them or not. They may also realize that for most of their lives they have lived not for themselves, not as they wanted, not their own lives, but the lives of their children, husbands, and families.

What to do in this difficult period!

  • Be as attentive to yourself as possible, take care of yourself, especially your health.
  • Accept the inevitability of age-related changes. Maintain psychological activity: enthusiasm and a positive inner attitude have a good effect on your appearance.
  • Train your brain and memory. Age also manifests itself in increased fatigue and forgetfulness. Over time, the brain loses its ability to adapt to new situations. Try to diversify the usual course of life.
  • Look for new meanings and new emotions. Allow yourself something that you have not allowed for a long time. Introduce new habits and traditions. Do something differently than you always have, but in a new way.
  • Stop devaluing your life, and give thanks for all your experience and look for new meanings. Working with a psychotherapist will be very helpful in this.